custom plushies

are you looking for a new way to display your child’s awesome artwork?

 well check out the clever creations by child’s own studio

they turn your child’s drawing into fantastic plush toys…

from the artist:

Child’s Own Studio started with a simple idea: to make a recognizable

comfort toy for a 4 year-old boy based on his drawing.  

It was an idea that launched my home-based craft business.

since then, I’ve custom made a few hundred personal softies,

each one as unique as the child who drew it.

The child’s drawing, a wonderful expression of childhood,

is the starting point of the collaborative project.

Details and color choices are reproduced as closely as possible

so that the stuffed toy that arrives in the mail

is immediately recognizable to the child who designed it.  

It’s a fun, rewarding process, and kids love seeing their drawings come alive.


here are a few favorites…

prices range between $60 and $130 CAD & production takes about 4-6 weeks

see more plushie creations at the child’s own studio flickr photostream


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