big ideas


{words of wisdom/hand-cut silhouette papercut by tina tarnoff}



how to be creative   “…creativity is not magic, and there’s no such thing as a creative type.

creativity is not a trait that we inherit in our genes or a blessing bestowed by the angels.

it’s a skill. anyone can learn to be creative and to get better at it.”


{new day on the lake by oliveloaf design}

half steps can change your life


how to find purpose and do what you love 

gathered here are insights from seven thinkers

have contemplated the art-science of making your life’s calling a living.


{big idea book by two hand design}

{via smart pretty and awkward}

“How to be Smarter:

The problem isn’t a lack of good ideas, it’s not remembering your good ideas.

I bet if for one week–maybe one day–you wrote down each and every idea that came into your head,

pre-censoring out the “bad ones,” you would have a pretty interesting list of activities to do,

businesses to start, majors to consider, places to visit, people to email,

and topics to research by the end of the week.”


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