carbs and a wreath


you may recall when i crafted my fall finding wreath

made from stuff i had in the studio & natural goodies found in the woods…

well, since it was pretty much biodegradable &  falling apart by the end of winter

{i think a bird actually reclaimed the nest!}

i thought i would re-purpose  it and make a cheery one for spring!

inspired by the wreath created over at homemade ginger

i took off all the forest findings & doodads…


& added a bright bias tape, fabric flowers & painted twigs…


i think it looks festive on the white house with the white door

and it’s quenching my urge to paint the door…for now.


next up…

i have made these light brioche buns several times now

and this has to be my most perfect batch…

you must make these for your next burger {veggie or otherwise}

you will NEVER buy store-bought again.

{we did ONCE…and it was so, so sad}



i made this recipe for “the last granola recipe you will ever need” ~ with sour cherries!

i think they might be right!  but i would recommend keeping an eye

on the sugar content of the sour cherries that you buy.

i didn’t realize that the ones i used were 27 grams of sugar per serving.

that is way, way, way too much ~ especially when in combo with the other ingredients.

i’ll keep that in check next time ~ but it is a very tasty recipe!


have a super & creative weekend!


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