Surprise Ball

I was thrilled to attempt my first Surprise Ballnovelties, candies and whatnots wrapped up in crepe paper streamers into a ball. As the recipient unwraps the layers of streamers, they find the little doodads and gifts. And fun & hilarity ensues! So, here’s the surprise ball booty I picked out for a friend, all laid out pretty-like

{Note: the smaller & flatter the items – the better}Supplies by OliveLoaf Design

Although it’s probably easier to use crepe paper sheets and cut what you need, I used crepe paper streamers and cut them in half. This was because that was all I could find at the time – so plan in advance!

Here’s the Surprise Ball all wrapped up.  So cute.

Put a sticker of some sort on the end of the last strip so it doesn’t all unravel before you loved one opens it! That would be so sad. Viola! Handmade Surprise Ball!

Surprise Ball by OliveLoaf Design

I stuck it in a box and sent it on to the birthday boy. Yay!



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