nature’s splendor


hello lovelies!  the family & i had a wonderfully inspiring vacation

in the mountains of colorado {my once-upon-a-time homeland}

i plan on showing you all kinds of amazing sights

as soon as i go through the hundreds of photos

so, for now ~  here are a few other tidbits from le homestead…


i was taking a walk in the woods this morning {aka the backyard}

& thought i’d do a color study of the pretty leaves

that are starting to appear there…


i love when you can see all the colors of nature’s splendor…


in gardening news ~ delicious asian & european greens are being harvested

and several varieties of kale are doing their thing!

i’ve been drying & harvesting the seeds from my thousands of marigolds

{as they are organic – we eat a few from time to time}

to give as gifts & replant next gardening season…


it was our second anniversary recently.

this year i received from mr. d a lovely hand-picked, sprig of cotton!

{from a real-life cotton field}

that mr. d is clever.

{you may recall my handmade paper anniversary gift}

so sweet ~  i love it.


i have orders galore ~ i best get back to the studio!

have a great day!


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