clever title


hello! a little of this & that today…

i’ve been getting inquiries about the forest findings that i often sell {& sell out of!}

in the other etsy shop barren river emporium

so ~ whenever it’s not raining and ice-storming {no snow in south central kentucky, yet}

 i’ve been gathering gum tree seed pods & these are excellent specimens…


Gum Pods by OliveLoaf Design


and collecting more crinoid fossils that jewelry designers love to use in their wares…


but i pause to capture a lovely scene.

the clouds parted and colors rained down. a beautiful & fleeting sundown…

January Sunset by OliveLoaf Design


and for brunch the next day…

you must make this! vegan eggs benedict from

even if you aren’t a vegan! & nothing has to die for it! win-win

i posted this pic on their site {i know – geek}

{the actual chef who made it for his restaurant in toronto gave me props! far out…}

recipe here

vegan eggs benedict by OliveLoaf Design



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