summer scenes

Hello friends. Jeez! Here we are, already half-way through 2013 and I’ve hardly kept my promise {to myself} to post daily. (sad trombone) I wanted to challenge myself to this endeavor as it really does help the creativity process {accountability, generates sales, builds the fan base, sharing of ideas & inspiration begets overall well-being} So, I thought I would take this rainy day to recommit to the process. Ding! {that was it} Okay! First up – a little collection of Summer Scenes from Le Homestead Enjoy!

Banana Cream Shasta Daisies

Le Pooch ♥’s a Road Trip

*Shipping off Orders

Hibiscus & Bee

Wild Blackberries

Bowl of Berries

Rainbow Hots

You are So Rad{ish}

*Groovy Carrots

4th of July “Ice Cream” {made from bananas, the black berries & homegrown strawberries}

*Le Homestead Julep



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