Sunburst Mirror

I’ve been wanting to craft a sunburst mirror for quite a while now. I pinned many a version on Pinterest  ~ but happened upon a super easy & cheap version via A Beautiful Mess ~ see here. I was also hoping to find a clever way to cover this weird window in my bedroom…

Goofy Window by OliveLoaf Design

All the necessary supplies were pretty cheap and easy to find. As per the how-to’s from the above link, my local Lowe’s did not actually have or do circular cuts of wood {and the handy-with-a-saw Mr. D was not available – I know, I know, I should be able to do it myself}so I found a round {well, scalloped edged} piece of crafting wood at Michael’s. I used  E6000 to glue the wood to the mirror, placed a heavy blender on top & let it dry overnight. Then configured the pieces of contractor shims {they actually come in two sizes AND I used 3 packs: one large and two small} I glued them all down to the mirror using a glue gun…

Sunburst Mirror One by OliveLoaf Design

{I did not attach a picture hanger at this time since I was hanging it in the weird window area} Here it is all glued & flipped over to make sure I liked the spacing and number of shims…

Glued Mirror by OliveLoaf Design

I taped & papered the mirror and sprayed with primer & then gold…

Sprayed Mirror by OliveLoaf Design

Voila!  Not bad, I dig it…

Sunburst Mirror by OliveLoaf Design

And here it is in the spot I was making it for…

Sunburst Mirror Two by OliveLoaf Design

I’m not to sure about it in this spot right now {looks like I may need to make the sunbursts smaller in order to cover up the window}. Anyway, it was super easy & fun to make and you don’t need to spend a fortune to swank up your pad! Enjoy!

{Photos: OliveLoaf Design}


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