Harvest Garland

I don’t think I ever showed you the Glass Gem Corn that I grew at le Homestead…Isn’t it beautiful? I didn’t grow enough to have popcorn for Christmas gifts {which was the plan} but I grew enough to have a nice crop next season.  I’m in the process of testing some kernels now. {let me know if you might be interested in buying a packet of seeds – they are hard to come by}

the kernels are pretty enough to craft with!

So, with some of these dried cobs and other Forest Findings© {pine cones, gum seed pods, black walnuts, drift wood from the lake} I thought I’d make  some festive harvest garlands to decorate for the season. I gathered my materials and had Mr. D show me how to properly use the drill. {it’s high-time I learned how to craft with power tools!}

I drilled holes into each item and strung them on jute twine…easy! I made some for inside and outside….

{it looks great hanging over the doorway above my handmade fall wreath}

March 2014 Update: Glass Gem Corn Seeds now available @ Barren River Emporium

6 thoughts on “Harvest Garland

    1. I’m currently testing my seeds – so you may be able to buy some from me – I’ll keep you posted.
      In the meantime – you may be able to purchase some from the link in the post.

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