Holiday Bricks

I’m always inspired by Über-Crafter-Bloggers who do countdown challenges & make a new crafty thing each day {e.g. 12 Days of Christmas/Holiday Countdowns}. So I thought I’d try {TRY!} to get it together and share a few crafty ideas of my own to post.My angle is that they be quick{ish} & relativity easy, utilize mostly on-hand items and definitely UPcycled & re-purposed. {because everyone needs less crap from China!}

So, here is my first installment – Painted Holiday Bricks. I meant to get these done for Thanksgiving – so made them Christmasy instead. I had vintage bricks on hand and i simply painted them with acrylic paints. Easy! {you could put a different message on each side & they can be adapted for any occasion. bonus!}


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