Sparkle Snowballs

I went old school for the 4th installment of my handmade holiday quest. Did you make these in grade school? So much fun and SO much mess! And they last forever ~ I just retired one I made in 1978! ☺ Sparkle Snowball Ornaments

Make a ball form using a water balloon & wrap the heck out of it with string or yarn. Then saturate it with watered down Elmer’s Glue, Mod Podge or other crafty glue. Now, at this point, you can sprinkle on glitter ~ I decided the let them dry first {just in case something went wrong – NEVER waste THE GLITTER!} Hang them up & let them dry for a loooooong time {a couple days}

When they are super hardened ~ pop the balloons with tweezers & pull out the pieces. If you waited to glitter ~ go ahead and do so: use spray glitter or cover ball with spray adhesive & glitter away!

Jazz them however you wish & stick them on the tree already! I LOVE how the twinkle lights illuminate the sparkly snowballs ~ so charming.


Thrifty, Crafty, Fun & Easy!


One thought on “Sparkle Snowballs

  1. You are so amazingly creative!! Love it. Have a sensational Holiday Season. Get a TV show already. I would be a dedicated follower.



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