Rustic Star

I’ve been on a quest to find THE perfectly vintage & fabulously sparkly tree topper. {Is it a star? An angel?  A flower? I’ll know it when I see it.} Until then ~ I’ll create it! So, back to all that lake tumbled driftwood I mentioned in an earlier post – I thought I’d craft a Rustic Star to place atop le tree

I gathered 5 sticks that were about the same length & width and connected them in a star shape, wrapping with jute twine {dab end with glue gun or tie off}

That’s about it!  So easy ~ you can make tons of them! I then spray-painted my star gold and sprinkled on epsom salts which gives it an icy effect & sparkles a bit when the twinkle lights reflect…

Your options are endless with this project. Use twigs/branches from your yard {trim up the ends}. Paint them any color you wish. Cover completely in glitter! Craft them as large or small as possible. Hang them from the ceiling; place them on the mantle; hang one on your front door. Mother Nature loves to help you decorate!

OliveLoaf Design


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