Glass Ball Redux

Handmade Holiday Decorations Day Something-Or-Other. Do you have that old box of glass ornament ballsthat are broken, scratched & just basically blah? Up-cycle them! Here are several ideas for up-cycling tired, old & broken glass ball ornaments.

Magnet Balls: Glue on a small magnet & decorate your refrigerator or magnetic message board…

Next up Crushed Ball Redux: I crushed up a green ball & a red ball, coated the inside of a clear ball with Glossy Mod Podge, poured in the crushed balls, swirled around & let dry. Viola! Old is new again.

Paint Balls: Using puffy paint or a hot glue gun, make designs & patterns on your boring balls. Allow to dry thoroughly and paint with desired colors…

Glitter Balls: And of course, there’s ALWAYS glitter…

Thrifty, Crafty, Green & Easy!

ps. Did you know you can remove the paint off of glass ball ornaments?

Just soak in white vinegar {mine took several days} and paint should peel or scrub right off. Shake the ball with vinegar inside to help remove the paint on the inside. Use an unfolded paperclip or other heavy wire to scrape the inside – carefully…they can break if you press too hard {true story}.


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