Driftwood Tree

I’ve wanted to make one of these ever since I’ve had access to an endless supply of driftwood. A Driftwood Holiday Tree

So, yesterday was the day! I thought I’d use up the stash I’ve had for a while so I can go hunting for a fresh supply! ☺Firstly, Mr. D chain-sawed for me, a nice slab off of a hunk of log that was sitting around. Depending on how big or small you want your tree to be – you need a good base.

First, I drilled a 3/8″ hole a few inches into the middle of the base and inserted a 3/8″ dowel. I gathered all my driftwood pieces and arranged them smallest to largest; measured for the middle of each – and drilled holes in all. Arrange them, as you wish, on the dowel {you can use a little wood glue to hold each in place}. Make a little star {or even use a starfish} and attach to the top…

Peace, Love & Christmas.


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