a heritage wedding

Flashback Friday: I was doing some clean-up work on the blog and rediscovered this post from 01/11/10. A trip in the way-back machine to 1972…

OliveLoaf Design

I’m almost full~swing into the first stages of wedding planning {thank goodness for wedding bloggers because wedding magazines BLOW!}. Anymess,  I just had to share this very vintage magazine article that my mom has had stashed since September 1972.  It is far out.

Sphere: The Betty Crocker Magazine


I hope you can dig it.

A Heritage Wedding for Today

"Here comes a marriage by fascination ~ and a bride with a mind and festivities of her own.  The fuss is gone and celebration strides in.  This wedding reaches into the past, retrieves old crafts, revives simplicity and sets it all outdoors with a glorious shout.  Magic is back.  Make your own dress, make your own cake, make your own vows, make your own day.  Because it's yours. Because you want it that way."  {amen sister!}  

Get the ladies working on their crewelwork skills! {Okay, this is kinda cool}



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