afternoon hike

Could Spring be on it’s way? We spotted our first blooms of wild daffodils while hiking trails through Mammoth Cave National Park. They are the first of the many enchanting wild flowers that bloom throughout Spring & Summer here in Kentucky.

We can’t wait to see this overlook when Spring has sprung…

Love rock.


A lovely spot to rest and repair for the hike back uphill.


Miss Sadie contemplates the view from Green River Bluffs Trail.

Echo River Spring; a blue hole.

A grand Shag Bark Hickory.

Another crop of wild daffodils to end the hike.


4 thoughts on “afternoon hike

  1. Reblogged this on My Kentucky Living and commented:
    I want to share this post by another Kentucky blogger Stacy at Creative Mojo.
    I think her beautiful pictures help to demonstrate the beauty of Kentucky, and why people have been drawn to this area for a few hundred years. Kentucky was a hunting ground for Native Americans long before Virginia surveyors started marking off the land. I live in the region that Stacy photographed…and it is beautiful.
    I hope you enjoy Stacy’s photography.

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