commune with nature

{via Karen Kaplan/L.A. Times}

Communing with nature can recharge your creativity according to findings from the study called the Attention Restoration Theory (ART). It suggests that exposure to nature can replenish our cognitive reserves when they are worn out by overuse. And if you live a modern urban or suburban life, your cognitive reserves are surely depleted.

“Our modern society is filled with sudden events (sirens, horns, ringing phones, alarms, televisions, etc.) that hijack attention. By contrast, natural environments are associated with a gentle, soft fascination, allowing the executive attentional system to replenish.”

Baby Fiddle Head Ferns by OliveLoaf Design

The Attention Restoration Theory also states that not only do people concentrate better after being in nature, but that even looking at scenes or photographs of nature helps with concentration and creativity.

Good to know! No wonder I’m more inspired to create after a walk in the woods. And it definitely helps if I’m having a creative dilemma or need to clear the brain clutter. {No iPods & Smartphones allowed!} If you can’t be amongst the wild things today – gaze upon the baby fiddle head fern or these little wildflowers…

Tiny wildflowers begin to awaken throughout the woods in South Central Kentucky. By OliveLoaf Design


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