crafty sprouts

Craft Your Own Sprouts:

Homemade sprouts is a MUCH healthier alternative to buying from a conventional store {you don’t know what those things have been grown in} and they super-duper healthy. Sprouts have enzymes {special types of proteins that act as catalysts for all your body’s functions}, the protein in the beans, nuts, seeds or grains improves when sprouted,  vitamin content increases {this is especially true of vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E} and sprouts are alkalizing to your body {many illnesses including cancer have been linked to excess acidity in the body}. 

Sprouting is very easy and fancy contraptions and thing-a-ma-jigs are not needed. Large wide-mouth jars are best – but you can use any mason or re-purposed jar {just adjust the amount of seeds/beans you use as the sprouts expand, a lot}.

The jar left has clover, arugula, china rose radish, and fenugreek certified organic sprouting seeds and the jar right is organic mung beans.

Place a small amount of seeds in the jar and cover with purified/filtered water. Cover mouth of jar with cheesecloth {make sure it’s food grade and unbleached is best} and secure with rubber band {re-purposed from store-bought veggies}. Cover seeds with purified/filtered water. Soak overnight in a warm spot.

The next day, dump out water through the cheesecloth. Place jars in warm and indirect sunlight. Rinse with water one or two times each day – the mung beans may need to be rinsed more often. Sprouting will begin in a few days. Smaller seeds sprout faster, mung a little bit longer. When sprouts are ready rinse and dry on towels. Make sure they are very dry before storing.

Home Crafted Sprouts!

Enjoy immediately or store in fridge for a week or so.



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