Glass Ball Redux

Flashback Friday! As I plan a new batch of Cheap, Handmade & Up-Cycled Holiday Decorations for 2014, here’s a flashback from last year!


OliveLoaf Design

Handmade Holiday Decorations Day Something-Or-Other. Do you have that old box of glass ornament ballsthat are broken, scratched & just basically blah? Up-cycle them! Here are several ideas for up-cycling tired, old & broken glass ball ornaments.

Magnet Balls: Glue on a small magnet & decorate your refrigerator or magnetic message board…

Next up Crushed Ball Redux: I crushed up a green ball & a red ball, coated the inside of a clear ball with Glossy Mod Podge, poured in the crushed balls, swirled around & let dry. Viola! Old is new again.

Paint Balls:Using puffy paint or a hot glue gun, make designs & patterns on your boring balls. Allow to dry thoroughly and paint with desired colors…

Glitter Balls:And of course, there’s ALWAYS glitter…

Thrifty, Crafty, Green & Easy!

ps. Did you know you can remove the paint off of glass ball ornaments?

Just soak…

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