Ribbon Photo Corsages

#TBT Craft. A reader emailed and asked for a few tips on making her own Ribbon Photo Corsages – so I thought I’d repost for Throwback Thursday!These were great fun to make and such wonderful mementos for everyone. I may have to make more!

OliveLoaf Design

I was inspired by the ribbon corsages that Mithi of PlanetMithi made for her very cool, handmade wedding. I just had to make some for my own hand-crafted shindig, for the VIP’s in attendance. Since we didn’t have a wedding party per se {my soon-to-be stepdaughter served as my maid-of-honor}, I wanted to make something special to show off the important peoples {best buds & our immediate families}. I think they turned out very nice…

{All pics by:  Robb Hill Photo}

I used gold dollhouse frames and chose ribbons in our colors {turquoise & greens}; sewed and glued them to a base of hard cardboard & pin backs…

The most difficult step was finding the right kind of picture to shrink down, so it would fit into the 1×1 inch frames…

These corsages were a very special touch and a lovely keepsake for each recipient.

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