I still love you New York

Flashback Friday. About a Tuesday…

OliveLoaf Design

“I’ll always be thinkin’ of you
I’ll always love you though New York
I’ll always love you though New York, New York” -Ryan Adams
Inspired by my friend Missy's post on her blog about a traumatic day in her life several years ago. I told her that I couldn't even remotely begin to fathom something like that, but that I could surely relate to coming out the other end of a tragedy and being forever changed.

I want to tell you this story because often times, when I tell someone about it, I hear that it’s the first time they’ve ever heard this side of the story, or that they’ve never met or known anyone that survived.

2001 was an especially hard year for me and my loved ones. The year started with my grandfather dying unexpectedly. On September 6th, 2001 my boyfriend’s father passed away, and then…

On September 11, 2001 I was…

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