Year of the Monkey


“The monkey is known for being very intelligent and clever,” explains Laura Lau, author of The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, calling it “one of the most innovative personalities within the zodiac.” These are common personality traits of people born under this sign, but they’re also thematic to the Year of the Monkey overall. As the monkey imbues the year with its quick wit, curiosity, and, as Lau stresses, its resourcefulness, it becomes a “year of reinvention in a lot of ways…a very energetic year and an auspicious one.” ~Refinery29

OliveLoaf Design

Here’s a recently completed project – ’twas enjoyable & challenging. It has at long last been delivered to it’s recipient ~ so I can finally show it off! This Monkey Mobilewas made with all paper mache {from up-cycled newspaper & cardboard}; jute twine; a found driftwood stick & painted with acrylic…

with bananas!

Monkey Mobile by OliveLoaf Design

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