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Spoon Me

I had to show you this impressive wooden spoon Mr. D hand-carved from poplar.

Spiral Spoon Photo OliveLoaf Design

You can see the beautiful natural rings of the wood in the spoon and on the handle.

Back Spoon Photo OliveLoaf Design

Spoon Rings Photo OliveLoaf Design

Mr. D plays the fiddle and the spoon handle was inspired by a violin’s spiral volute.

Spoon Volute Photo OliveLoaf Design

Spiral Handle Photo OliveLoaf Design

Spiral Spoon Photo OliveLoaf Design

If you are interested in a hand carved spoon, please inquire for time & price:



it was a little early in the season to visit cheekwood botanical gardens in nashville, tennessee

but there were still magical sights to behold…


{bamboo forest}

bamboo forest by OliveLoaf Design

{japanese garden}

{crawling lady hare by sophie ryder}

{steeple dance by frank morbillo}

SteepleDanceFrankMorbillo by OliveLoaf Design

{untitled(in a dream) by jenny holzer}

InADreamJennyHolzer by OliveLoaf Design

{reflecting at the water garden}

{stately view}

{be unique}

Be Unique by OliveLoaf Design

Shine On

Some Sunshiny Pictorial Inspirationals…

“Yeah we all shine on ~ like the moon & the stars & the sun.” ~ John Lennon

BlueMoonFence by OliveLoaf Design

Early rising wild daffodils.

Early Risers by OliveLoaf Design

Contemplating the morning.


A tree full of buzzards sunning themselves. {They need love too ☺}

Buzzard Tree by OliveLoaf Design*

Outdoor art at Hidden Hill {artists unknown}…



Outdoor Mandalas 3 by OliveLoaf Design

art in school matters

“…the arts incarnate the creativity of a free people.”

~John F. Kennedy



{by barbara rucci of art bar}


from art bar

…an article in the Boston Globe about the importance of teaching art in school in this era of standardized tests


“Art for Our Sake: School arts classes matter more than ever – but not for the reasons you think”

By Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland

“There is a very good reason to teach arts in schools,

and it’s not the one that arts supporters tend to fall back on…[that] art makes you smarter.

In a recent study of several art classes in Boston-area schools,

we found that arts programs teach a specific set of thinking skills

rarely addressed elsewhere in the curriculum –

and that far from being irrelevant in a test-driven education system,

arts education is becoming even more important as standardized tests…

exert a narrowing influence over what schools teach.

We need the arts because in addition to introducing students to aesthetic appreciation,

they teach other modes of thinking [and skills] we value.

Such skills include…reflection, self-criticism, [persistence], [expression] and the willingness

to experiment and learn from mistakes. All are important to numerous careers,

but are widely ignored by today’s standardized tests…

which reveal little about a student’s intellectual depth or desire to learn,

and are poor predictors of eventual success and satisfaction in life.

Those who have learned the lessons of the arts…how to see new patterns, how to learn from mistakes,

and how to envision solutions – are the ones likely to come up with

the novel answers needed most for the future.”


“Pass this around to EVERYONE!

And give your child’s art teacher a big hug when you see him or her

to let them know how much you appreciate them.”




Be part of the movement to guarantee healthy arts funding and arts education in America.

Join the Arts Action Fund

Read their initial post-election analysis on the Arts Action Fund blog.


wood reborn!


i ♥ folk art. LOVE!

so, i was thrilled to explore the awesome chainsaw carvings & sculpture gardens

by artist dave sipe in mancos, colorado {near cortez & mesa verde national park}


{mr. sipe isn’t too keen on photos being taken of his pieces

and the interwebs & whatnots in general – so this is only a smidge of the coolness of his work}

but he’d love you to stop & buy if you’re in the area!


folk art!

mesa verde trout


san juan salute


what would wooden jesus do?


the spirit gang


log. liberated.


scrapyard angel


You’re a star

I really dig the barn stars that you see on homes {and barns} most commonly in the more southern states but these lucky stars seem to be catching on everywhere else. A real barn star in Smith’s Grove, Kentucky}

A Real Barn Star by OliveLoaf Design
A Real Barn Star by OliveLoaf Design

I got one as a gift but it was so fab that i kept it inside to decorate the living room! I’m thinking THIS star is the way i need to go on the outside of le homestead!!

*Carnival Star by High Voltage Studio

Ohhh yeah…the neighbors would really roll their eyeballs then!