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Happy Mardi Gras

Let the good times roll! Hand-lettering practice {Micron & markers}

GoodTimesRoll by OliveLoaf Design


diy::wine cork stamp

i had to {finally} do some thank-you notes for the christmas/birthday booty

& thought i’d try doing a homemade stamp out of a wine cork.

making stamps out of wine corks is super-duper easy!

and it’s a whole lot cheaper &  more craftacular

than buying those A$$pensive stampers at craft stores.

i love banners – so i thought i’d do a simple banner design…



all you need:

a design idea, corks, a marker, exacto, some stamper ink {or paint} and notecards…


draw your design and carefully cut with exacto…


test your stamps a few times to see if you like & to try out the ink saturation…


stamp your notecard…


add a message if you’d like & viola!

see!? so simple & quick to make your own handmade cards

and your recipient will feel extra special just because you’re so crafty {& thrifty}!

have fun!

alphabet city

I’m obsessed with clipping out letters. I started clipping letters out of the piles of magazines around my pad…

To make holiday cards…

And cards for other events and whatnots…

They are always a hit & cutting out the letters is a strangely meditative exercise –  that also gives me the warm fuzzies ~ as I am UPcycling {which is one of my favorite ways to be arty/crafty}.

So…I went through my stash & assembled super cool letters that you can buy & download & cut yourself ~ from my Etsy Shop {without all the magazine scraps leftover!}

The cutout alphabet letters are on 4 sheets since I wanted you to have a many to choose from. The magazine cutout letters will give your project a really rad realistic look whether you use them for gift tags, pendants, magnets, cards, scrap-booking, photo albums, journals, ransom notes – what~have~you!

Happy Crafting & Happy Clipping!

send it greenly

Send your holiday cards & things the green way! Upcycle your magazine pages into envelopes {here’s a batch i whipped up yesterday}.

Just find some visually cool pages and cut out the envelope using the oliveloaf design handy template!

{envelope template}

Note:  The magazine page may be smaller than the template…that’s okay just make the side tabs smaller. Glue it and stick the bottom piece to the side tabs & viola! Easy~squeezy. You created a tres clever and upcycled envelope!

Keep in mind that thicker pages work best for mailing purpose and I’ve noticed that Elmer’s glue doesn’t adhere glossy pages in this case ~ use double stick tape. Enjoy!

finally friday

howdy – it’s been brutal folks!  still recovering from the flu & i’m all outta whack & totally uninspired from a week of anti-biotics. bleck!  all i’ve been able to do is go to the day job, make powerpoint presentations & go home & sleep &/or watch LOST on dvd.  good news is i finally have the go-ahead to get my annoying tonsils out! yay!  that won’t be until august though…


so the brother’s wedding invites should be well distributed by now…so i thought i’d post pictures of what i was up to for about three months!  their colors are blues (& black & ivory) and a water-y theme (the bro is a commercial diver) so i came up with swirly blue watercolor cards ~ printed vellum overlay ~ ombre ribbon ~ on cardstock. 


i will NOT be going into the wedding invitation business. =)*