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happy family

This was a special project for The Ledet Family.  Aren’t they cute?  I’ll be take my papier-mache art into more custom work – mainly families, kids & dogs. The family and dogs are crafted with  papier-mache clay on a vintage canvas and painted with acrylic paint.

The Ledet’s
The Family Details
Gavin the Cutie
The Pooches Up Close

A shot from the Ledet entry way.  It really ties the room together, I think. ☺

Please contact me at if you are interested in a custom family piece like the one featured here!


Winter Scenes

“He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter…In winter the stars seem to have rekindled their fires, the moon achieves a fuller triumph, and the heavens wear a look of a more exalted simplicity.”  ~John Burroughs

Way up north on the prairie, Northern Illinois.  Miss Sadie wanders down an icy, snowy road.  Due to freezing paws, she will have to be carried home…

A Winter Field.

A collection of found glass, pottery & china pieces sparkle with a snowy backdrop.

A barren winter beach {and an excellent driftwood specimen for later crafting}

Miss Sadie…once a shelter orphan, and now the Ice Queen of Barren River Lake.

Mother Nature: Ice Sculptor.

An immense flock of migrating Sandhill cranes finding respite in a rolling field.

A magical woodland portal.

“Nature looks dead in winter because her life is gathered into her heart. She withers the plant down to the root that she may grow it up again fairer and stronger. She calls her family together within her inmost home to prepare them for being scattered abroad upon the face of the earth.” ~Hugh Macmillan




OliveLoaf Design was proud to donate an up-cycled & handmade doo~dad

to the National Mill Dog Rescue’s Ruff Life! Wine Tasting Auction this past fall.

{rescue dogs are near & dear to my }



since NMDR‘s beginning in 2007, they have rescued, rehabilitated

and re-homed more than 6,600 puppy mill dogs.

the auction event raised $15,000 and will help change the lives of even more puppy mill survivors!

for more information about NMDR, please visit their website at

if you can’t adopt – foster.

if you can’t foster – sponsor.

if you can’t sponsor – volunteer.

if you can’t volunteer – donate.

BELIEVE you can make a difference.


tillamook cheddar

ultimate outsider art? 

have you seen tillamook cheddar (aka “tillie” )

the jack russell dog artist from brooklyn?

with the help of her human “assistant” & owner ~

who prepares her canvas by putting a piece of pigmented paper

face down on another sheet that is mounted onto a mat board

then, in a frenzy, tillie goes to town biting & clawing it…creating stuff like these…



the pooch is quite the accomplished artist & even has a book…

tillie will also be having a “mid-career retrospective”

in florida next summer

called ~ the early years: 1999-2009


file under *WTF!?!*

i just came across this story last night & it kept me up…


apparently there is an email going around with a petition seeking to prevent one guillermo vargas from representing costa rica in an upcoming multinational art exhibition.  why?


because last summer he made an “art” installation that featured a stray dog captured from the streets of nicaragua – stuck it on a bare gallery floor with no food, water or bedding UNTIL IT STARVED TO DEATH!!!!


as an art dabbler & dog lover & shelter volunteer …

i could not contain myself to not comment here.


you can go google the story yourself & see horrifying pictures & read what this delusional & sadistic narcissist says inspired him.


this is not art.

this is sadism & cruelty.


it does not speak to the nature of society (well, except for maybe the deranged artist, the gallery owner & the people who WALKED BY THE DOG AND DID NOTHING!).


sign the petition. (over a million other people agree)

& then go out & support real inspiring art.