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Unloved Flowers

In honor of all the dandelions that were mowed this weekend.  {micron & colored pencils}

Unloved Flower by OliveLoaf Design


Rockin’ Tin Redux

My young nephew collects little rocks he finds on his walks and wanderings {as many that can fit in his tiny hand}. I have a multitude of Altoids tins that have been collecting dust in the studio waiting for their up-cycled second life.  So, I thought I’d {finally} re-purpose a couple them and make him collection boxes to keep his rock treasures all together and handy.

Altoids Tin Redux

It’s super easy to apply an air dry or self hardening clay directly to the top and sides. I used my paper mache clay made from recycled newspaper and cardboard. Allow to dry as is, or add words & whatnots with clay stamps. I tried to make these look like rocks themselves with texturing and paint.Rock Collection Boxes

Add some velvety fabric or flocked paper with a glue gun. This is beneficial for muffling the sound of rocks in a metal tin{which makes parents happy} and looks like a fancy display case when open.

Rock Collection Boxes

Be careful not to apply paper or fabric on the edges of the top of the tin as it won’t close properly {true story}. Now, to get rid of the writing on the outside of the tin, I tried everything I had {from nail polish remover to paint thinner} PLUS everything Mr. D had {mineral oil to auto solvents} and nothing worked. So, you can paint the outside or simply sand the lettering off with a fine sandpaper. This makes it look a little worn and rustic. Viola! Simple, up-cycled collector boxes.

Rock Collection Boxes by OliveLoaf Design

{Thanks SIL for the pics 😉 }

Lid Ornaments

Jar Lid Sparkle

If you’re into canning, you know eventually, you’re gonna have a ton of used lids. Up-cycle them into swanky and sparkly holiday ornaments!

There are a myriad of way to decorate these domestic leftovers – but I also happen to be cleaning out le studio {Christmas Miracle!} and found a bag of sequin-y shiny doodads and some glitters I’ve never used and thought they’d jazz the lids right up!


(Note: Don’t stare at a pile of glittery doo-dads too long.) Grab some white crafting glue and squeeze some into your lid, then spread it around and up the sides of the lid. Don’t be stingy!

Lids and Glue

Next, fill the lids up with whatever you have: sequins, buttons, doo-dads, sparkly things, beads, little animal figurines, paper punched shapes, glitter, Glitter, GLITTER!, what-have-you.  Fill in all the white glue spots and then set them aside to dry.  Super duper easy.

Glitter Up!

When they are dry, make a hook with some type of craft-wire and then make it spiffy with a pretty ribbon. Or you can just hot-glue ribbon around the lid and tie a loop at the top.

Lid Ornaments by OliveLoaf Design

Or you can make some holes at the top of your lid and simply use some baker’s twine or string. Use what you’ve got handy. If you’re feeling REALLY fancy – you could paint the lids before crafting these ornaments – but it’s T-minus 15 til the big day, so who has time for that!? 😉

Jar Lid Sparkle Ornaments


lost summer too

Wow! Where did August and September go? I was so busy with gardening and crafting and working on orders that I completely neglected le blog. {sigh}  Well, in hopes of catching up – here’s a photo collage of the missing months. Enjoy!

lost & found summer

Scenes {from my lost blogging month!} from Summer at Le Homestead and around Kentucky…



Please pull weeds

Wow, more than a month since my last post!? {Time flies when you’re busy in the garden.}

Please Pull Weeds by OliveLoaf Design
Please Pull Weeds by OliveLoaf Design

I had a rainy day=Craft Day last week and whipped up this little helpful sign. I snagged a piece of crappy scrap wood from Mr. D’s stash and sanded it shabby-smooth. I used a piece of found driftwood, floral wire, acrylic paint and colored pencils.

Now I’m going to pretend I’m not home. ☺

3 Flying Pigs

Here’s a recent custom order for 3 large Papier-Mache Flying Pigs. My only instructions were “no yellow.”  I think they turned out super cute and now they’ve flown off to live in a dental office in Connecticut. How fun!

All of my papier-mache pieces are made from up-cycled newspaper, cardboard, cereal boxes, etc; recycled masking tape, wheat paste, paint, re-purposed jewelry pieces, charms, buttons, found ephemera, magic & love.

Cosmos, inspired by Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

Purple Sweetie

Lucky Green

If you are looking for a unique, handmade paper-mache gift please email me for bespoke/custom orders:  Search “Paper Mache” to see my other creations.

Musical Garland

This project is so easy ~ I just whipped it up this morning! Up-cycled Musical Ornaments & Garland

I used a vintage music book that I often use for collage but you can use an old book, comic books, vintage papers or any other papers you wish.

 Stack the papers {I’d say at least 15-20 pages} use a something to trace a circle and cut through the stack with an Exacto knife.

Fold the circle stack in the middle & staple down the fold. Spread the pages out. Attach a ribbon, cord, yarn, what-have-you with glue for hanging. You can leave plain, but I brushed on some Mod Podge and sprinkled glitter on to jazz them up {spray adhesive would work best, but I was out, so I made do}. Now, you can simply hang on your tree or make several & make a garland.

Light Bulb Snow People

How do you know you’re an obsessed up-cycling crafter? You have PUH-lenty of burned-out light bulbs to make an entire tree-full of

Light Bulb Snow People or Snow Bulb Light People!

But I only made three. So cute. So easy. Grab an old light bulb & spray paint {I used Krylon white & then Krylon Silver Glitter spray}

For scarves – use fabric scraps, ribbon, sweater pieces, t-shirt strips, etc., and hot glue it to the bulb…

Go outside – find a nice stick, cut arms, glue them on. Paint on a face with acrylics or puffy paint. Attach a ribbon or wire to hang.

Christmas Stick Bouquet

Say it with me, “Thrifty, Crafty, Green & Easy!” Go outside, get some sticks {I culled from my driftwood collection} paint, glitter, what-have-you…make them festive. Arrange them in a vase {you can even put a small set of twinkle lights in the bottom} Viola! Christmas Stick Bouquet. So easy it’s stupid!