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Glass Gem

UPDATE: 10/21/15 We do not have seeds this year. You can find Glass Gem corn seeds at Native Seeds. Cheers!

Now available in our Barren River Emporium shop:

Glass Gem Corn Seeds, 60 Seed Pack. Shipping Included for USA orders. Organic, Non-GMO, Heirloom.

This beautiful, multi-colored heirloom flint corn is used for making flour or as a popping corn. Unlike sweet corn, it is not typically eaten right off the cob. However, it was likely bred as an ornamental variety.

After wait-listing our seeds for a year, we grew the seeds available here last Summer 2013. Grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers; Organic. Each ear was like opening a surprise gift – each more colorful and unique than the last.

We wanted to spread the Non-GMO corn love to you. They make beautiful seasonal decorations and delicious & super-white popcorn.

Glass Gem Popcorn by OliveLoaf Design

Grown in South Central Kentucky, USA.

Glass Gem Growing by OliveLoaf Design

Via NativeSeeds.org"Its origin traces back to Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer living in Oklahoma. Barnes had an uncanny knack for corn breeding. More specifically, he excelled at selecting and saving seed from those cobs that exhibited vivid, translucent colors. Exactly how long Barnes worked on Glass Gem—how many successive seasons he carefully chose, saved, and replanted these special seeds—is unknown. But after many years, his painstaking efforts created a wondrous corn cultivar that has now captivated thousands of people around the world." 

"Approaching old age, Barnes bestowed his precious seed collection to Greg Schoen, his corn-breeding protégé. The weighty responsibility of protecting these seeds was not lost on Schoen. While in the process of moving in 2010, he sought out a place to store a sampling of the collection to ensure its safekeeping. Schoen passed on several unique corn varieties to fellow seedsman Bill McDorman, who was owner at the time of Seeds Trust, a small family seed company then located in central Arizona. (Today, Bill McDorman is Executive Director of Native Seeds/SEARCH.Curious about the oddly named Glass Gems, he planted a handful of seeds in his garden. The spectacular plants that emerged took him by surprise. 'I was blown away,' McDorman recalls. 'No one had ever seen corn like this before.' "

Rainbow Corn by OliveLoaf Design

Click here to order!


creative may


howdy! sorry i’ve gone m.i.a. again.

between gardening & commissioned art ~ i have been quite busy!

i hope you are having a lovely & creative may!

here are a few recent fun projects…

honoring a big old tree in the front yard {that will mostly likely need to come down very soon}

i planted wildflower seeds around it & whipped up this rustic driftwood star…


i had lots of fabric scraps & some old jewelry pieces

so i made up~cycled brooches for mother’s day gifts…


i {finally} made my first “surprise ball” for a friend’s birthday {it was so much fun!}

i’ll show you that later ~ after they open it.


a big seller last year in my barren river emporium shoppe 

were the forest findings that i collected in the woodlands around le homestead.

unfortunately i didn’t get a chance to collect as much this year ~ but i’ve been putting more sets

together & they should be available in the shoppe in a day or two!

they’re perfect for natural crafts or for filling a vase, bowl, or dish…


here’s a collage of pics from my BIG project – Le Garden 2012!


it is a big job but so rewarding.  i have our main garden almost all planted

& gotta get cracking on the  melon/squash/pumpkin/gourd garden!

happy creating!

moonrise & lighthouses

hello lovely people & happy almost weekend to you.

here’s a little this & that today.

{because who can focus on ONE thing on a friday?}


first things first::i like to remind you every once in a while…

made with ransom note generator


you must see some of the cleverly curated treasuries

featuring stuff in the OliveLoaf Design shoppe…

Teal the Mustard

Folk Art By Music

blue skies over my head…

somewhere over the rainbow


 & here are some lovely treasuries featuring our barren river emporium shoppe on etsy…

sea colours

Cool Tone

cherry wood

The Junior Naturalist

summer vacation memories

fanciful beauty


LOVE::framed moonrise


inspirational this week::lighthouses

{i’m crafting one for my grams}

1. Lighthouse in Salvador, 2. The Lighthouse at Ameland, 3. Barrenjoey Lighthouse after Sunset, Sydney, Australia,

4. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse Nova Scotia, 5. Louisbourg Lighthouse, 6. Point Lowly Lighthouse,

7. Griffiths Island Lighthouse, 8. Soft sunset at Byron lighthouse, 9. Lighthouse


this is so great::Before They Were Grandparents

“Adventurers. Singers. Lovers. Farmers. Jocks. Designers.

Carpenters. Photographers. Scholars. They did it all before they were grandparents.”

 before they were grandparents @ retronaut

barren river emporium

mr. d & i are having a great time getting our etsy shop

Barren River Emporium

up & running!

we’ve even sold a few things so far…

we’ve gotten a lot of treasury love on etsy…

Pretty Things

Turquoise and Lushtones

A Salvaged Dream in Mixed Media

Call of the Sea

The Seaside

Fossil Goodness

I love our new specimen fossil jars!

Coming Soon to the Barren River Emporium Shop

handcrafted wooden spoons…

Be More Awesome

{Wow, wow, wow!} I haven’t posted since February 25th? Really? Bad blogger, bad! Well, in my defense ~ I have been nursing the hubster {Mr. D} for the last few weeks. He had some surgical procedures…but he’s doing quite nicely now {thanks for asking!} In addition to that…been whipping up EVEN MORE Lips & ‘Staches on Sticks {bunch of shoppe orders}

{And a how-to for a book!  Shhhh} Also making a few little Paper Mache Magnets {for sale now}

Working on the new shoppe Barren River Emporium {Check it out!}

And hacking up this flying pig {that never got finished anyway!} for a do-over…

Then he’s getting entered into an art show: The Bacon Ball & Fine Swine Art Exhibit {Louisville, KY} Stay Tuned. Oh, yeah, and…it’s MID-MARCH!!?! Do you know where your New Year’s Resolutions are? This should be your every year’s resolution too!

{via happytownusa}

stay & stache

more recent work…

a custom piece


{paper mache, glitter, acrylic on canvas}

more orders for lips & ‘staches

{stay tuned for a little press about ‘staches-on-sticks!}

and tons of  etsy treasury love for our Barren River Emporium endeavor!

land of the lost

the old shell game

welcome to my cottage in the woods

nature preserve

call me old fashioned

barren river emporium

mr. d and i would like to introduce you to our new etsy shoppe!

barren river emporium ~ curiosities from nature & industry.

we got inspired by all the wonderful natural findings we’d pick up

on our hikes & walks through the woods & whatnots

and i become more & more obsessed with vintage, re-purposed & up-cycled knick-knacks.

we have TONS more yet  to come

{like up-cycled bottles & jars, driftwood & driftwood art,

and more rustic/industrial/vintage decor & natural curiosities}

please check out & stay tuned to Barren River Emporium

“favorite” us on etsy & let us know what you think!

{be curious. wander. re~discover.}



and we’ve already gotten some etsylove with a few VERY COOL treasury features already!

I Live In A Terrarium

I Think of You in Colors That Don’t Exist



Earthy, Naturally Inspired