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paint chip garland


I had a bunch of paint chip samples {from an honest-to-goodness painting project} and thought I’d use them to make an up-cycled garland {and to clean out the studio}.  It’s a win-win, cheap and easy decoration idea.

Use a paper punch shape and size of your choice. Grab your paint chips in the color(s) of your choice and punch out a bunch!

Punch Your Paint Chip

Now to the sewing machine! Pick a string, yarn, twine, whathaveyou {I used a sparkle baker’s twine} and put your stitch on a zig-zag. Place a punched paint chip on the string and zig-zag it!

Zig Zag It

Continue until the garland is your preferred length.

Lots of Dots

Hang it up. That’s it!

Paint Chip Garland



Lid Ornaments

Jar Lid Sparkle

If you’re into canning, you know eventually, you’re gonna have a ton of used lids. Up-cycle them into swanky and sparkly holiday ornaments!

There are a myriad of way to decorate these domestic leftovers – but I also happen to be cleaning out le studio {Christmas Miracle!} and found a bag of sequin-y shiny doodads and some glitters I’ve never used and thought they’d jazz the lids right up!


(Note: Don’t stare at a pile of glittery doo-dads too long.) Grab some white crafting glue and squeeze some into your lid, then spread it around and up the sides of the lid. Don’t be stingy!

Lids and Glue

Next, fill the lids up with whatever you have: sequins, buttons, doo-dads, sparkly things, beads, little animal figurines, paper punched shapes, glitter, Glitter, GLITTER!, what-have-you.  Fill in all the white glue spots and then set them aside to dry.  Super duper easy.

Glitter Up!

When they are dry, make a hook with some type of craft-wire and then make it spiffy with a pretty ribbon. Or you can just hot-glue ribbon around the lid and tie a loop at the top.

Lid Ornaments by OliveLoaf Design

Or you can make some holes at the top of your lid and simply use some baker’s twine or string. Use what you’ve got handy. If you’re feeling REALLY fancy – you could paint the lids before crafting these ornaments – but it’s T-minus 15 til the big day, so who has time for that!? 😉

Jar Lid Sparkle Ornaments


Light Bulb Snow People

How do you know you’re an obsessed up-cycling crafter? You have PUH-lenty of burned-out light bulbs to make an entire tree-full of

Light Bulb Snow People or Snow Bulb Light People!

But I only made three. So cute. So easy. Grab an old light bulb & spray paint {I used Krylon white & then Krylon Silver Glitter spray}

For scarves – use fabric scraps, ribbon, sweater pieces, t-shirt strips, etc., and hot glue it to the bulb…

Go outside – find a nice stick, cut arms, glue them on. Paint on a face with acrylics or puffy paint. Attach a ribbon or wire to hang.

Driftwood Snowflake Mobile

Since I live near a lake I have access to one of my favorite natural craft supplies:  DRIFTWOOD {so you will probably be seeing more holiday crafts made with driftwood in the coming days ☺} For my third installment of:  “Quick{ish}-Relatively-Easy-UPcycled-&-Re-Purposed-Holiday-Decorations” I whipped up some Driftwood Snowflake Mobiles {please excuse the really bad snaps – we haven’t seen the sun in quite a number of days. I need natural light!}

So, I had these plastic & glittery snowflakes on-hand. {If I had started on this project earlier – I would like to think I would have made the snowflakes out of driftwood or random twigs instead}

I simply spray painted the driftwood white, hung the snowflakes with sparkly silver embroidery floss & attached some fishing line to hang. SUPER DUPER easy. Use any extra ornaments you have!

Holiday Bricks

I’m always inspired by Über-Crafter-Bloggers who do countdown challenges & make a new crafty thing each day {e.g. 12 Days of Christmas/Holiday Countdowns}. So I thought I’d try {TRY!} to get it together and share a few crafty ideas of my own to post.My angle is that they be quick{ish} & relativity easy, utilize mostly on-hand items and definitely UPcycled & re-purposed. {because everyone needs less crap from China!}

So, here is my first installment – Painted Holiday Bricks. I meant to get these done for Thanksgiving – so made them Christmasy instead. I had vintage bricks on hand and i simply painted them with acrylic paints. Easy! {you could put a different message on each side & they can be adapted for any occasion. bonus!}

paper wreath

I found this metal ring on a walk the other day and thought I’d whip up an easy wreath. You could make one out of craft wire or a wire hanger.found metal ring

Make a leaf template with a piece of {re-purposed} cardboard and cut out a bunch of leaves. I used white cardstock & a piece of white glitter paper that i had on-hand…


Hot glue the paper leaves to the metal ring, et voila! A simple and lovely paper wreath for magically cheap holiday decorating…



send it greenly

Send your holiday cards & things the green way! Upcycle your magazine pages into envelopes {here’s a batch i whipped up yesterday}.

Just find some visually cool pages and cut out the envelope using the oliveloaf design handy template!

{envelope template}

Note:  The magazine page may be smaller than the template…that’s okay just make the side tabs smaller. Glue it and stick the bottom piece to the side tabs & viola! Easy~squeezy. You created a tres clever and upcycled envelope!

Keep in mind that thicker pages work best for mailing purpose and I’ve noticed that Elmer’s glue doesn’t adhere glossy pages in this case ~ use double stick tape. Enjoy!