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End of Summer

Sigh, the end of summer. Some final shots of the season from our beloved Bob Hill’s Hidden Hill Nursery and Sculpture Garden.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Butterfly Chair by OliveLoaf Design

Cabbage White Butterfly in Purple Asters

Cabbage White Butterfly in Purple Asters by OliveLoaf Design

Happy Bee on Aeonome

Happy Bee on Aeonome by OliveLoaf Design

{Photos: OliveLoaf Design}


grown with love

Mr. D’s Aunt and Uncle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently. They own the wondrous & magical Hidden Hill Nursery & Sculpture Garden {you may recall I’ve mentioned it a million times}. That was inspiration enough to create this paper mache sculpture painting…

Grown With Love, 16″x20″ oval canvas, up-cycled newspaper, wheat paste, acrylic paintGrown With Love by OliveLoaf DesignSort-of related side-note: I crrafted whilst listening to Christopher Moore’s novel, “Sacré Bleu” {“a comedy d’art”très magnifique!} As always, if you see something on Oliveloaf Design you are interested in, contact me to discuss commissioned/bespoke pieces.

Flower Head

Here’s a recent creation by special order for Hidden Hill Nursery & Sculpture Garden; a giant paper mache flower head-on-a-stick…made with up~cycled cardboard {actually, Coors Light boxes} & newspaper, wheat paste, acrylic paint & a big ole dowel.

It’s to be used with a human sized flower pot {a new photo-op spot at the nursery} Owner, master gardener & all-around personality, Mr. Bob Hill models the giant flower head…

Bob Hill Flower Head by OliveLoaf Design


hidden hill

if you are ever anywhere near

utica, indiana {or even louisville, kentucky}

you must visit

hidden hill nursery & sculpture garden

{“a unique mini-aboretum, sculpture gallery & unsusual plant nursery”}

it’s a very dreamy & magical place

made even more fabulous

by the cool couple running the show

bob & janet hill

here are some highlights from my visit…

hidden hill collage

click here for more info from the hidden hill website


there were also these lovely “dish sculpture” totems for sale

aren’t they clever!?

i loved them so much i bought one for my granny

{i’ve lost the name of the lady who created them}