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Love Sand


“When I was twelve years old, the world was my magic lantern, and by its green spirit glow I saw the past, the present and into the future. You probably did too; you just don’t recall it. See, this is my opinion: we all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us. We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand.”  ~Robert McCammon

Sand Love by OliveLoaf Design

Photo: OliveLoaf Design, Beach at Barren River Lake, Kentucky


A Custom Pets on Plaques® creation.  Custom Pets on Plaques® are a special and personal gift for an animal lover or pet owner, or a wonderful pet memorial. They are available in le Shoppe.

This is Dewey. .Dewey

Dewey by OliveLoaf Design

These are crafted with up-cycled newspaper & cardboard paper mache clay and acrylic paint on 7×9 oval wooden plaques. We’ll work together to create an amazing Custom Pets on Plaques®. Contact me via email: stacy@oliveloafdesign.com or head on over to le Shoppe to start your order.

FlyAway Pigs

A recent custom order for three large paper mache flying pigs. All made from up-cycled newspaper and cardboard; wheat paste, acrylic, magic & love. I was pretty much given free reign to my design but the customer said she like colors like teals & golden yellow. So, I was inspired by space/galaxies, sunrise/sunsets and clouds/blue skies….

Galaxy FlyAway Pig.

Galaxy FlyAway Pig by OliveLoaf Design

Constellations, galaxies, star formations and glow-in-the-dark star clusters are featured on this FlyAway Pig. Plus, silver-lining thread from a comet, and celestial trinkets.

Galaxy FlyAway Pig by OliveLoaf Design


Sunrise/Sunset Fire FlyAway Pig.

Sunrise/Sunset Fire FlyAway Pig by OliveLoaf Design


This FlyAway Pig is inspired by many a sunrise and sunset over a scenic lake. I collect sunrises and sunsets – whether via photograph or memory…they inspired the fire red/burnt orange to golden yellow ombre and the sun swirls and fire tendrils of the wings. Sunshine colored threads and strings hold doodads and sun-spired charms.

Sunrise/Sunset Fire FlyAway Pig by OliveLoaf Design


Up In The Clouds FlyAway Pig.

Up In The Clouds FlyAway Pig by OliveLoaf Design


Sky blues and fluffy-puffy clouds; wings of daydreams and floating in the air magic. A collection fluttery, iridescent trinkets on astral blue strings.

Up In The Clouds FlyAway Pig by OliveLoaf Design


Lid Ornaments

I had every good intention of having a big ornament & decoration challenge through out November & December this year. Sigh…but life happens, {thankfully} a gob of orders rolled in and add to that a pinch of procrastination and it’s not looking too good. “Shoulda, woulda, coulda, shut-upa!” and old friend used to say. I have so many crafty & upcycle-y ideas though, I may just leave the tree up {crap, haven’t put up a tree yet} and work throughout the coming new year for a big challenge in 2016. Anyhoo….here’s a super neat ornament from last year…#TBTCraft

OliveLoaf Design

Jar Lid Sparkle

If you’re into canning, you know eventually, you’re gonna have a ton of used lids. Up-cycle them into swanky and sparkly holiday ornaments!

There are a myriad of way to decorate these domestic leftovers – but I also happen to be cleaning out le studio {Christmas Miracle!} and found a bag of sequin-y shiny doodads and some glitters I’ve never used and thought they’d jazz the lids right up!


(Note: Don’t stare at a pile of glittery doo-dads too long.) Grab some white crafting glue and squeeze some into your lid, then spread it around and up the sides of the lid. Don’t be stingy!

Lids and Glue

Next, fill the lids up with whatever you have: sequins, buttons, doo-dads, sparkly things, beads, little animal figurines, paper punched shapes, glitter, Glitter, GLITTER!, what-have-you.  Fill in all the white glue spots and then set them aside to dry.  Super duper easy.

Glitter Up!

When they are…

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