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southwest birdhouse

My creative handyman {CraftyMan?} Mr. D and I have been teaming up on crafting groovy birdhouses. I’ve mentioned his mad wood-working skills a few times {but after researching this statement, clearly I need to brag more…bad wife!}.  After becoming a gardener and spending most of the day outside, I realized we really needed to put up bird houses for the large population we have around le homestead. While it is fascinating to snap pictures of them as they go from egg to adolescence and fly away – hopefully this will encourage them to stop making nests in the ferns on the porch. Mr. D and I like to sing and play music there and this activity drives the birds nuts when they are trying to care for their offspring.

So, I requested a few simple houses, and Mr. D scavenged for discarded wood items, collected a couple old pallets and whipped up these gems…

Mr. D Birdhouses by OliveLoaf Design

Not simple – but they are fabulous! Only the smaller house has been painted and mounted so far. I hope to have the the larger one painted, put on a post and installed this spring.  Meanwhile, I asked once again for a simple house to paint for a birthday present for my mom. This is what I was presented with:

Nice! After contemplating on a concept and sketching out some ideas, I finally narrowed in on a Southwest design with an American Indian essence…


I think it turned out swell.  Mr. D and I are considering make a few more of these {with a much more simple painting detail} to sell at a market this summer.  In the meantime, wait until you see the next one he’s working on {I’m merely adding a little detail on that one} stay tuned. I think we make a great crafty team! ♥☺