Glass Ball Redux

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Flashback Friday! As I plan a new batch of Cheap, Handmade & Up-Cycled Holiday Decorations for 2014, here’s a flashback from last year!


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Handmade Holiday Decorations Day Something-Or-Other. Do you have that old box of glass ornament ballsthat are broken, scratched & just basically blah? Up-cycle them! Here are several ideas for up-cycling tired, old & broken glass ball ornaments.

Magnet Balls: Glue on a small magnet & decorate your refrigerator or magnetic message board…

Next up Crushed Ball Redux: I crushed up a green ball & a red ball, coated the inside of a clear ball with Glossy Mod Podge, poured in the crushed balls, swirled around & let dry. Viola! Old is new again.

Paint Balls:Using puffy paint or a hot glue gun, make designs & patterns on your boring balls. Allow to dry thoroughly and paint with desired colors…

Glitter Balls:And of course, there’s ALWAYS glitter…

Thrifty, Crafty, Green & Easy!

ps. Did you know you can remove the paint off of glass ball ornaments?

Just soak…

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lost summer too

Wow! Where did August and September go? I was so busy with gardening and crafting and working on orders that I completely neglected le blog. {sigh}  Well, in hopes of catching up – here’s a photo collage of the missing months. Enjoy!

lost & found summer

Scenes {from my lost blogging month!} from Summer at Le Homestead and around Kentucky…



barn love

“Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art” ~Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

I just love the old barns found along the rolling hills of my present homeland of Kentucky. At first, it was just a barn wood obsession {oooooh! what I could make with that wood}. But I’ve grown to love their shapes and silhouettes. Each one has its own interesting characteristics and personality; like they have a vintage story to tell. Every once in a while I have the opportunity to get close enough to snap a good shot…

Barren County Barn by OliveLoaf Design
Barren County Barn by OliveLoaf Design
Garden Patch Barn by OliveLoaf Design
Garden Patch Barn by OliveLoaf Design

Please pull weeds

Wow, more than a month since my last post!? {Time flies when you’re busy in the garden.}

Please Pull Weeds by OliveLoaf Design
Please Pull Weeds by OliveLoaf Design

I had a rainy day=Craft Day last week and whipped up this little helpful sign. I snagged a piece of crappy scrap wood from Mr. D’s stash and sanded it shabby-smooth. I used a piece of found driftwood, floral wire, acrylic paint and colored pencils.

Now I’m going to pretend I’m not home. ☺

happy family

This was a special project for The Ledet Family.  Aren’t they cute?  I’ll be take my papier-mache art into more custom work – mainly families, kids & dogs. The family and dogs are crafted with  papier-mache clay on a vintage canvas and painted with acrylic paint.

The Ledet’s
The Family Details
Gavin the Cutie
The Pooches Up Close

A shot from the Ledet entry way.  It really ties the room together, I think. ☺

Please contact me at if you are interested in a custom family piece like the one featured here!

May Day 2014

Happy May Day! Ah, Spring is upon us here at Le Homestead. Nothing inspires me more that walking outside at sunrise and finding new flora and fauna blooming. ..

Cue the Dogwoods by OliveLoaf Design
Cue the Dogwoods

These lilacs have been a labor of love – the labor of moving them around several times to find the right spot to help them grow…for the love of the intoxicating fragrance {don’t you wish this was smell-o-vision?}.

Lilacs in Bloom by OliveLoaf Design
Lilacs in Bloom

The irises we have at Le Homestead were transplanted 6 years ago with nothing but green foliage year after year. Finally, after expert gardener tips and moving to a new spot – this year they are blooming. This particular specimen bloomed inside as pesky snails chomped its stem.

Yellow Iris by OliveLoaf Design
Long Awaited Iris in Yellow

Snow peas begin their climb. I’ve been crafting rustic garden markers from re-purposed wooden lattice, dowels, acrylic paint and paint markers.

Snow Peas by OliveLoaf Design
Grow Peas